Enterprise Connect: Akixi for Microsoft Teams is Go!

Enterprise Connect
April 4, 2024

By Mike Wilkinson, CP&MO, Akixi


For us rain-soaked Brits, the attraction of heading to sunny Florida for a few days was too good an opportunity to miss. Vitamin D absorption aside, Enterprise Connect 2024 brought light to a host of new products and initiatives from the market. An emphasis on AI and CX was particularly noticeable, and equally exciting.


Interest in the Akixi portfolio of CRM Integration and Analytics for Microsoft Teams has been high for several months, making Enterprise Connect a fertile ground to agree new private previews with service providers based in the North America.


Our service provider focus, particularly the automation of provisioning on a large scale, was well received. This is crucial for service providers when servicing a large, diverse range of business customers.

Happy reunions

The Microsoft booth was a must for me, both on a personal and professional level.


Meeting up with former colleagues is always great, and it was particularly interesting to speak with the the Microsoft team working on Azure communications Gateway.


An added bonus was chatting to the Teams Phone Mobile (TPM) product lead, Vandana Thomas.


I’m really looking forward to having TPM on my O2 service in the UK when it arrives, especially if it is tightly integrated with Apple Car Play! That would be a killer use case for me.

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