Cisco Webex Calling 

Maximizing customer value
with an enhanced calling experience

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Real-time analytics for Cisco Webex Calling 

Akixi engagement analytics offers a simple way to augment CX for your Webex Calling customers, creating an opportunity for differentiation that enables you to win more and reduce the risk of customer churn.

Business Insights
Call reporting, insights, and productivity measurement

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Call Center Reporting
Address the informal contact center needs of businesses

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CRM Integration
Provides fast caller ID and dialing for 200+ CRM applications

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A simple way to augment CX for your Webex Calling customers
  • Enhance Control Hub to deliver informal contact center capability
  • Address 99% of voice CX without the complexity of implementing a custom-built contact center
  • Deliver all capabilities in a single platform without paying a premium
Delivering differentiation within an informal contact center offer
  • Eliminate ~15 minutes of data collection delays
  • Real-time dashboards delivering actionable call insights
  • Flexible reporting combining historic and real-time data
Introduce additional productivity gains with CRM integrations in your Informal Contact Center offer
  • Integrates Webex Calling with business tools for smooth communication workflows
  • Features click-to-dial streamline call management, boosting productivity
  • Facilitates easy access to communication tools, promoting teamwork and efficiencies
Drive tangible, impactful results for you and your customers

Cisco Webex Calling is widely used among organizations of all sizes. Streamline the introduction of engagement analytics into your Webex Calling proposition with sales messaging aligned to Webex Calling, enhanced Control Hub value, and simple pricing and go-to-market.

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