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Boost productivity, enhance customer service

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Increased customer engagement with personalized call handling

Akixi’s UC and CRM Integration is a suite of desktop applications that helps businesses improve their customer service while increasing agent productivity.  

The attachment of choice
  • Improve customer satisfcation with personalized call handling
  • Increase efficiency with faster dialing and caller identification
  • Ideal for businesses with high volume inbound/outbound calls
  • Simple installation and configuration process
  • Fully productized with pre-sales, product and marketing support
UC & CRM Integration across all the major telephony platforms
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Cisco BroadWorks
  • Cisco Webex
  • NetSapiens
  • NEC Univerge Blue

Good customer service has never been so important, with the difference in service from competing companies becoming the deciding factor for a customer when choosing between them. 

of businesses say a positive customer service experience influences their decision to buy from a company
of customers willing to forgive a mistake after receiving excellent customer service
Helping your customers feel valued

Akixi’s UC and CRM Integration solutions bring telephony integration with over 300 CRMs, empowering businesses to optimise their operations, enhance customer service, and improve efficiency and performance.  


Features such as Caller Preview, Contact Popping and Call Activity Logging are provided through our easy-to-use desktop application and can connect with a range of the leading telephony systems.  

  • An agent’s time is so important to them and their employer, yet so many spend considerable amounts of their day browsing through various system applications and databases to find key information that will enable them to help with a customers query.  
  • With real-time and customer specific data available as soon as a call is received, call handlers create a more pleasurable service experience for their customers. 
  • With call logs saving key information automatically, agents can focus their valuable time on other important work. Plus, outbound calls can be made with one press, saving the agent time usually taken on dialling the number manually.  
  • Key information relating to a customer and any calls can be updated automatically in the integrated system, giving companies peace of mind in the validity of their customer data.  

UC & CRM Integration features include:

Contact Searching
Simultaneously search the contact directories of all integrated CRM applications and call or pop a contact from the results
Caller Preview
Search the integrated CRM for callers info when you make or receive a call, and “preview” the details in a “toast” pop up
Contact Popping
Allow users to “pop” caller’s records within the integrated CRM from a live call or directory
Activity Logging
Manually or automatically create an activity record of a call received within the integrated CRM and allows addition of notes
Add Contact
Add new contacts to the integrated CRM from multiple locations such as the live call Preview window, Call history and Missed calls pop up
On-screen Presence
Presence provides a quick way for a user to check the availability of their co-workers, using their extension status or a blended combination of their extension status and Microsoft Teams availability status.
Agent features
A dockable toolbar provides a simple way for a Call Center agent to change settings

Supporting 300+ CRM Integrations:

Host your own Unified Communications client?

UC solution providers can bring Akixi’s CRM Integration library to their own UC client, using partnerCRM’s REST API.

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