Enhanced Call Center Reporting

BroadWorks ECCR replacement 

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Effortlessly transition to
cost-effective call reporting 

By replacing BroadWorks Enhanced Call Centre Reporting (ECCR) with Akixi Call Center Reporting, Service Providers can deliver a low risk, low impact, and low friction replacement, ensuring the retention of satisfied call center customers.

How we ensure Success

Low Risk

Maintain parity of ECCR customer UX to ensure customer experience continuity:

  • Like-for-like pre-canned reports
  • Like-for-like User Experience
  • White-label to mirror your brand
Low Impact

Deliver simple and effective customer migration to preserve service continuity throughout replacement:

  • Fully supported due diligence process
  • Comprehensive migration program
  • Partnership and support every step of the way
Low Friction

Simplify new product introduction to minimise cost and accelerate time to go-live

  • Service provider designed integration
  • Simple onboarding
  • Minimal productization & operationalization

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