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Select Installer Partner with Akixi

“Select Installer” is a program Akixi has introduced to enable inclusion of certain application integration add-ins (Standard-Select Add-ins or SSAs) into their desktop CRM integration products (Products). The Add-ins included in the program are generally those where Mondago/Akixi has made a contractual agreement with the Business Application Developer which enforces additional terms, conditions and fees, and cannot be delivered through the current product processes. The business applications selected for the program are known to be in demand from our partners but have previously been difficult to deliver due to commercial restraints. Examples of additional terms are typically related to data processing, end-user/customer information and incremental support costs.


What does it provide?


The Select Installer program allows you to install and support Add-ins classified as “Standard-Select”, which will only be available to members of the program. It is important to note that the SSAs must also be available within the applicable Akixi desktop CRM product – What does this mean? Akixi has multiple OEM and other branded variants of their products and you may sell more than one of these variants. Akixi can control the availability of SSAs in their own brands but not always in OEM partner brands. The SSAs will be available within all applicable Akixi controlled brands but some partners controlling the remaining brands may choose not to implement the Standard-Select classification and hence these SSAs will be excluded from their variant of the product. These exceptions are expected to be small.


One very important advantage of the program is that once you are a member, you can install the SSAs for any brand included in the program without having to sign any further agreements with either Akixi or their product partners.


The program does NOT provide for the purchase of any Akixi product software licenses, software assurance or standard installation services from Akixi. These will continue to only be available through your current channel distribution routes. Also, support processes for the standard product remain unchanged. As a member of the program, you will only contact Akixi directly for matters related to the SSAs included in your contract. In effect, you will purchase the same items from your Akixi distribution partner as you would for a normal Standard Add-in installation but you can contact Akixi directly, if required, for matters related to the installation and support of the SSA although you can still work through you distribution partner if you prefer.


Who is eligible?


The Select Installer program is eligible to anyone that sells any included Product brand directly to the end customer. That is, as an approved Select Installer you must take an order for the installation directly from the end customer. For further clarity, you cannot make an SSA installation on behalf of another party.


Note: if you sub-contract installations to another party you need to ensure applicable contract terms are backed off to them.


Finally, applicants to the program should demonstrate a speciality in the business sector addressed by the SSA or a plan to target this market.


Is there a cost to joining the Select Installer program?


There is no cost to the Reseller to join or remain on the Select Installer program, there is, however additional costs over and above normal Product licensing and support charges, associated with activation and support of an SSA at a per installation level. You will normally order these parts from your distribution partner or, you can purchase them directly from Akixi if they are not available through your distributor. The charges vary by SSA and are detailed on the Select Installer contract.