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Greater visibility, accuracy and control

Akixi Call Center Reporting offers advanced call management and metrics for any business that requires call center-like operations and efficiency, such as one with a distributed or hybrid workforce, but wants to avoid the cost and complexity of deploying a full-blown contact center solution.

Beyond the display

Call center agent
  • Real-time and remote visibility of call traffic and team activity
  • Monitor and react to own KPIs in real time
  • Recapture lost callers
  • Own call & queue activity reporting
  • Sign in/out of queues, set N/A status & wrap up
  • Add disposition codes
Call center supervisor
  • Real-time and remote visibility of call traffic & agent activity
  • Monitor and react to SLAs in real time
  • 12-month agent to queue KPI and SLA reporting
  • Agent control
An accurate and in-depth call center management solution

Akixi Call Center Reporting delivers a set of intuitive dashboards and reports displaying real-time information retrieved from deep platform integrations to give your customers the most critical, time-relevant data at a glance. This means that, out-of-the-box, your customers enjoy in-depth customer engagement insights to optimize their business performance.

This is perfect for bringing the experience together for call centers that require greater visibility and control, without the complexity and price tag of the formal contact centre to ensure they are consistently delivering the best customer experience.

  • Power complete visibility over the top-performing agents with detailed performance reports that can also help locate where lower-performing agents need additional support while encouraging competition between teams.
  • Fully customizable, simple dashboard displays that deliver full visibility over real-time events and all call center traffic to aid with meeting business KPIs with detailed performance reports.
  • Ensure call center queues are staffed according to incoming calls by identifying where they are coming from, which areas have the highest demand and therefore need more resources to improve customer experiences.
  • Give your customers a second chance to make a positive first impression with the ability to identify dropped calls in real time, monitor and focus on channels that drop the most calls, and recapture lost calls before they phone a competitor.
  • Empower supervisors with in-depth insights in agents’ activity so they can see when agents have signed in/out, become unavailable or activated do not disturb. Track past and present activity within teams to help calculate accurate schedules adhering to capacity.
  • A full view over team activity to locate best-performing agents and reward them accordingly, while monitoring SLAs to better optimize individual agents’ workloads and meet all targets.
  • Customers need a real-time snapshot view of their calling operations so they can monitor and optimize key daily metrics, identify necessary areas for improvement, and refine in real time to improve business performance.
  • Simplify reporting with in-depth call logs that better identify customers pain points, such as long ring time, multiple transfers, with the ability to deep dive into call history data to continuously improve performance and the customer experience.
  • Empower customers with comprehensive insights that let them assess performance metrics on calls by the half hour, hour, day or week to make it simpler to set achievable targets and explore patterns that drive productivity and ongoing optimization.
Resolve challenges across all verticals

The versatility of Akixi Call Center Reporting allows integration into infrastructure across all customers to match their needs and enhance communication experiences across all verticals.

  • Industry Challenges 
    • Optimization of expensive call center resources
    • Dealing with changing circumstances in real time
    • Clear visibility of current activity and performance
    • Remote agent and call control
    Akixi Solution 
    Real-time visibility of call center performance
    Business Outcomes 
    Supervisors can maintain visibility and control of their agents and call center, regardless of location
  • Industry Challenges
    Agents are an expensive resource for call centers, monitoring and optimizing their time and activity can be complicated
    Akixi Solution
    Clear and highly configurable visibility and reporting on all aspects of agent’s activity
    Business Outcomes
    Measuring and monitoring agent KPIs is simplified with clear visibility over agent activity
  • Industry Challenges
    Visibility over a distributed workforce and centralized access to data to create tailored experiences
    Akixi Solution
    • Single point of real-time or historic visibility
    • Report data by API
    • High level of solution customization
    Business Outcomes
    Corporations of all sizes and distribution can keep live visibility of customer engagements. Enterprises can fully tailor their Akixi solution to suit their needs
  • Industry Challenges
    Scaling resources in response to seasonal requirements
    Akixi Solution
    Low-touch, simple deployment and flexibility scalability through a cloud-based SaaS platform
    Business Outcomes
    Easily allow organizations to scale quickly and effortlessly in response to seasonal needs
  • Industry Challenges
    Empowering knowledge workers
    Akixi Solution
    A holistic view of environments with device and call control tools
    Business Outcomes
    Workers feel empowered to be more productive in supporting customers call engagement
    Industry Challenges
    Ensuring visibility for and of hybrid and remote workers
    Akixi Solution
    Accurate, detailed reports on hybrid and remote worker activity
    Business Outcomes
    Management gains a comprehensive overview of worker needs and trends
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