Case Study

Call Analytics Provide Customer Insight and Increased Revenue

February 15, 2024

Redcentric are a digital transformation partner working within the commercial and public sector markets and have partnered with Akixi for over 10 years deploying call analytics for their Hosted IP Telephony and UC services. Redcentric serve multiple verticals in the UK including professional services, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, education, and local and central government. The majority of Redcentric’s customers are mid-market and enterprise scaling up to several thousand users across multiple sites across the UK.

Redcentric Hosted IP Telephony and UC

Redcentric provide a range of hosted telephony and UC solutions working with premier vendors such as Cisco and Microsoft. Akixi call analytics and call centre reporting is sold as an add-on to their hosted telephony solution, providing a range of benefits including rapid response to missed callers, deeper understanding of calling patterns and an ability to manage the productivity of staff handling customer engagements over the phone.

A Successful Partnership

Over the years Akixi has worked closely with Redcentric to assist in attaching its call analytics to approximately 80% of their hosted telephony base. This high attachment rate delivers significant additional revenue to the hosted telephony solution and importantly a significant value add for Redcentric voice customers.


The Acceleration Plan

Akixi and Redcentric set out to develop a joint go to market program to attach call analytics to the remaining 20% of the Redcentric base. The majority of which were linked to two large, distributed retail customers with several hundred locations each. Redcentric and Akixi demonstrated the value of call analytics for these customers, providing a trial solution to a limited number of sites, ensuring the benefits could be better understood. As part of the trial Redcentric utilized Akixi’s latest product development, Intelligence Hub, which manages the customer journey from trial start to success.


The Outcome

Both trials of the Akixi call analytics solution were successful, with the retail businesses optimising their workflows as a result of the insights gained from the trial. One retailer, whose volume of missed calls was significant, implemented an enhancement to their hosted telephony offer to improve staff call handling productivity. The other retailer refined their current workflow to improve fulfilment of remote orders by equipping staff with mobile headsets. The financial benefit to Redcentric was significant, with annual recurring call analytics revenues increasing by approximately 15%.


Incremental Value

The most interesting aspect of the program came from using Akixi’s Intelligence Hub – identifying call behavior which facilitated the upsell of additional Redcentric products, beyond call analytics. The ability to identify 3rd party product opportunities created several new sales opportunities of over one hundred thousand pounds each.

Redcentric Case Study
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