Case Study

Enhancing Car Dealership Operations with Smart Metrics

Car Dealership
February 15, 2024
Akixi provided five fast-paced car dealerships with actionable insights, driving customer engagement and revenue through business efficiencies.

The Challenge


The car market is increasingly competitive and growing, and a missed call is a missed opportunity. Bad customer experience can negatively impact new car sales, not to mention the potential pull-through revenue from postsales support, servicing and maintenance, and future repeat car sales – customer experience is paramount to car dealerships. The dealership group’s IT service provider recently presented a free trial of the Akixi Insights solution.


The Results


During the Akixi Insights trial, Smart Reports were generated for the service provider which gave performance metrics for over 200 dealership sites, highlighting potential areas for improvement and demonstrating the meaningful value of Akixi Insights. This was all without any investment or commitment from the customer, enabling them to understand the holistic return on investment that the solution can deliver to the business operations.


Akixi Insights moved from trial to full rollout across all sites, covering 5,000 extensions, and has proven its value. By working as a silent member of the team, Akixi Insights looks at customer touchpoints and then provides realtime actionable business insights on a browser or mobile app. From the moment users from across a dealership log in, actionable insights can be addressed for best-practice operations. The selection of pre-built reports (which can be customized to a further 20 with over 400 metrics to fit dealership scale and requirements), showcases ways to enhance business activity, leading to revenue and profitability gains, as well as efficient handling of vehicle sales, parts, and associated services.

Car Dealership Case Study
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