Case Study

Akixi’s ECCR Replacement Solution for Vocal IP

BroadWorks ECCR
March 7, 2024

Vocal IP, a leading provider of contact center solutions, faced a customer impact risk when their BroadWorks ECCR system was approaching end-of-maintenance. Akixi stepped in with a cloud-based replacement, offering real-time visibility and customizable reporting. The transition was frictionless, ensuring uninterrupted service and improved user experience.

Customer Profile: Vocal IP

Vocal IP combines the strength of a best-in breed, large-scale national network with the service expertise and customer focus of the most committed and knowledgeable IT consulting firm.


Head Office
New York






Data, Voice, UCaaS, Video Surveillance, Cloud
Services, Application Integration, 24/7 Support


Market Verticals
Financial, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Non-profit

The Challenge


Like many service providers, Vocal IP was challenged by the end-of-life risk of BroadWorks’ ECCR platform. ECCR capabilities are essential for Vocal IP’s customers, especially in the mission-critical healthcare sector, as they rely on rich reporting and highly-available call center monitoring. The healthcare industry is under increasing pressure to meet regulatory demands, including HIPAA compliance, and to protect sensitive patient data from cyber threats. The discontinuation of ECCR could have impacted both Vocal IP’s capabilities and customer satisfaction levels achieved by their clients.


The Solution


Akixi provided a cloud-based solution that matches and exceeds the functionality of the BroadWorks ECCR platform. Platform migration was frictionless for Vocal IP and their customers, even adding new features that exceeded the capabilities of the previous system.


Akixi worked closely with Vocal IP to derisk the cloud-based integration with BroadWorks, enabling a painless transition. Thoroughly testing performance and a range of customer scenarios also mitigated any negative impact on end users. Vocal IP were then able to help their clients gain maximum benefit from the upgraded user experience of the new, intuitive ECCR platform through even more rewarding ways of looking at valuable reporting data.


Understanding ECCR


Enhanced Call Center Reporting (ECCR) is a BroadWorks platform feature that provides real-time and historical data on call center performance. It offers detailed insights into call center queues, agent activity, and call handling, enabling businesses to monitor and improve their operations. ECCR is a critical tool for companies like Vocal IP’s clients that must maintain high-quality service and meet industry regulations.


The Result


Vocal IP seamlessly transitioned to Akixi’s solution without negative impact, enhancing their service with detailed, customizable reports via a modern, intuitive UI. The new system eliminated platform end-of-life risks and boosted customer satisfaction with a frictionless experience. Moreover, the advanced features of Akixi’s solution allowed Vocal IP’s customers to gain deeper insights into their operations, enhancing call and contact center performance in previously unrealised ways.


Through accessible, real-time platform data analysis, Vocal IP are able to help organizations uncover critical insights that transform call center performance and enhance the service levels they provide to customers. The low-impact transition to Akixi’s solution preserved Vocal IP’s renowned high level of service and provided additional benefits as an upgrade path for their clients.

Mitigates negative impacts of software updates, hardware upgrades and hosting.
Real-time visibility
Live and historical insights from call center queues and agent activity.
Enhanced reporting
Over 250 metrics for detailed analysis and informed decisionmaking based on real, valuable data.