Ignoring BroadWorks ECCR End-of-Maintenance vs the Rewards of Choosing Akixi

February 2, 2024

In the ever-changing world of telecommunications, a significant change is on the horizon – the end-of-maintenance for Enhanced Call Center Reporting (ECCR). This holds considerable implications for service providers and their customers, requiring a strategic response to ensure continued efficiency and customer satisfaction.


The end of ECCR prompts a crucial decision point for service providers. In this blog post, we aim to explore the critical decision presented by ECCR end-of-maintenance, highlighting the implications and presenting a viable solution that mitigates risks and provides enhanced benefits for service providers and their customers.



The Risks of Doing Nothing


In the face of ECCR end-of-maintenance, doing nothing might seem like the easiest choice, however, this comes at a cost. The potential consequences of inaction are significant, ranging from customer dissatisfaction to service disruptions and, ultimately, the loss of valuable customers. In an industry where responsiveness and adaptability are vital, choosing to ignore the changes could have an impact on service providers revenue.


The Akixi Advantage


Amidst the uncertainties posed by ECCR end-of-maintenance, being proactive is key. That’s where Akixi comes in – offering a complete solution ready to address these issues head-on. So, what makes Akixi stand out?


  • Akixi ensures a smooth transition without disrupting current operations. The time and effort that goes into a shift between systems becomes a thing of the past.
  • With Akixi, you don’t just get a replacement, you get a like-for-like ECCR reporting and BroadWorks supervisor client functionality, ensuring uninterrupted service.
  • By deploying Akixi, you can simplify new product introduction, minimize cost and accelerate time to go-live.




In conclusion, the approaching ECCR end-of-maintenance is a call to action for service providers. The risks of doing nothing are clear, and the need for a strategic response is extremely important. By opting for Akixi, you not only ensure a seamless transition and continued performance, but also enhance customer satisfaction.


For more information on how Akixi can be the solution to your ECCR end-of-maintenance problem, reach out to our team today.