Press Release: Akixi Announces Strategic Investment in Mondago

February 2, 2024
Today, Akixi officially announced a strategic investment in Mondago, a move that integrates Mondago into Akixi’s market leading Customer Experience (CX) Intelligence platform portfolio.

This collaboration unites two businesses striving to continuously enhance their CX Intelligence services for major cloud communications platforms, such as Cisco and Microsoft.


As the cloud communications market continues to evolve and mature, service providers are increasingly reselling major cloud communication platforms along with the requisite PSTN access. Unfortunately, compared to the previous practice of selling own-brand UCaaS services, this approach yields lower margins. Consequently, service providers are seeking to augment their offerings with a suite of value-added capabilities to bridge the revenue and margin gap. These value-added services encompass essential CX Intelligence features such as analytics and business management system integration. By offering a common suite of value-added services across all cloud platforms, service providers can ensure consistent service delivery, even throughout cloud comms platform migration and within a hybrid communications environment, a common scenario in today’s landscape.


At Akixi, our vision revolves around empowering businesses to enhance their customer experience by leveraging analytics and insights aligned with their critical business metrics. Our primary goal is to meticulously track every customer interaction and maximize its effectiveness. A pivotal aspect of this enhancement lies in not just analyzing the interaction data itself but also the context surrounding it. While many analytics systems focus on customer profile data, such as names, phone numbers, and messaging ID, our partnership with Mondago allows us to seamlessly integrate communication analytics with contextual information derived from the business management system. This integration enables us to provide businesses with superior insights. For instance, we can deliver real-time alerts to notify a business when its most valuable customer has made an unanswered call or highlight peak times when customers seeking renewal assistance typically call in to the business.


Our initial priority will focus on merging datasets to offer deeper insights into customer interactions, thereby enhancing them. Looking ahead, we’re tremendously excited about the potential of harnessing AI capabilities in conjunction with our extensive experience in vertical markets, to further refine interactions and insights. The coming twelve months promise to be an exhilarating journey as these two businesses join forces to construct a more intelligent CX landscape.